Hello, world!

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I'm Harman (aka. hrmnjt) on wild-wild internet.


I work @MajidAlFuttaim on data analytics, system programming, analytical and transactional database systems, editing yaml and dataops. I’ve previously worked @MuSigma on backend applications and recommendation engines as well.


  • Presentation as Code (PaC): An experiment to create presentations through version controlled codebase instead of using office software (libre or otherwise)

  • Resume as Code (RaC): Create resume with LaTeX as version controlled code reproducible and openly available


I currently live in Dubai and generally found either (and not in any order)

  • programming

  • tweeting

  • playing DotA2; listening to classical rock guitar solos; reading about psychology, shower-thoughts, what-ifs, statistical modeling, high available infrastructure, systems design, mega-engineering and skynet.

P.S. : All content described here is solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer. As Mr. Oscar Wilde once said -

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.


Harmanjeet Singh Nagi
Senior YAML Engineering Manager, Techie and Tweetard